Aviation Headset Connectors

If you are new to aviation headsets, you will notice they are not like the headsets you plug into your computer or phone.  

We are going to explain the different types of headset plugs that you will see. 


General Aviation (GA) Plugs

  • Used in most airplanes
  • Used in common training aircraft
    • Cessna, Piper, Diamond
  • Dual Plugs
    • PJ-055(.25inch/6.35mm) Phono Plug
    • PJ-068 (.206 inch/5.25mm) Microphone
  • Purchase this version if you are not sure.

Helicopter Plugs

  • Single male plug (.281 inch/7.1mm)
  • Single plug provides microphone and audio
  • Frequently paired with coiled cord
  • U-174, U-174/U, NATO

LEMO/ "BOSE" / Panel Power / Redel

  • Single Plug with 6 pins
  • Found in newer aircraft
  • Many Helicopter and GA aircraft will be upgraded
  • Plug provides audio, mic and power for ANR circuits
  • If you are training, chances are you do not need this plug.


  • Many military aircraft use a "helicopter" style plug. (U-174)
  • Many pilots who leave the USAF or US Army will be given their David Clark H10-76 or BOSE Aviation X headset. 
    • This headset will not work in civilian aircraft.
    • The microphones are not compatible.
  • When you plug into civil aircraft the speakers will work but you will not be able to speak. 
  • Military to Civil adapter is available

    If you are not sure about which plug to purchase. Please email us at sales@headsetsetc.com or call our customer support at 806-687-1071